OLSC Philadelphia Honor Code

                  While OLSC Philly members bring diverse thoughts and opinions on aspects related to the business of OLSC Philly, we are committed to respecting one another and reaching a consensus on any matters of importance to OLSC Philly. We are determined to act justly and are bound by these By-Laws to deliver outcomes that are in the best interest of everyone associated with LFC and OLSC Philly. All OLSC Philly members are part of LFC’s association of International Branches, and therefore, must uphold the values and good name of LFC. OLSC Philly members are expected to be exemplary members of LFC, and as such, are asked to follow this code of conduct.

All members shall treat other LFC supporters, as well as supporters of other football/soccer clubs with courtesy and respect. No supporters shall threaten another football/soccer fan, or engage in songs or chants that may be deemed offensive. No member shall degrade or commit an act of violence on any other person while attending matches at any event affiliated with OLSC Philly, the International OLSC community, or LFC itself. Any violations of the Honor Code will result in discipline and potential suspension or expulsion from OLSC Philly.